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Introducing productDNA

A single catalogue of high-quality, independently-verified data that enables brands and retailers to use one common language to describe and share product information.

The simplicity and speed of tomorrow, versus the cost and complexity of today

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Shoppers expect more

Modern technology has conditioned shoppers to be more demanding. They want the speed, simplicity and seamlessness that they get from other apps, sectors and services.

Retail needs to shape up, catch up and keep up

As an industry, we’re already losing £200m through supply chain inefficiencies. And as shoppers demand more, this cost will only grow – threatening our ability to evolve, react and find new ways to meet their needs.

From shared problems
to a shared answer

The challenge is too big to face alone. And the retail landscape is too fragmented. To tackle it, we need a unique set of conditions: an open network, with common aims backed by GS1 UK.

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Data we can trust

With productDNA, data is more dependable than ever before thanks to third-party verification. Information is the same wherever, and whoever is looking at it.


Upgraded shopping experiences

Consistent, accurate data makes it easier for shoppers to choose the products they want based on their preferences, from allergen information to sustainability credentials.


More efficient supply chains

productDNA puts everyone in the supply chain on the same page – speaking the same language. This will significantly cut the go-to-market time.

By the industry for the industry

A community built on collaboration, not competition. Designed for us, by us and answering to all our needs.

Who’s joined the revolution so far?

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productDNA is available for all grocery retailers, brands and suppliers.
The companies above are among the first to begin using the service.

About us

Benefits for brands
and retailers

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Benefits for retailers

productDNA is the most simple, flexible and efficient way to access product information. Data updates automatically, so as a retailer, you’ll save time and money. And independent verification builds trust, making for happier shoppers.

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Benefits for brands

As a brand, you’ll have one place to manage your product data, making it easy to update or add new lines. You can decide which retailers access your data, giving you more control over how shoppers see your brand.

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productDNA is a significant milestone for the retail industry. In years to come we will look back on it as the equivalent to the introduction of the barcode in 1974." - Marcus Dunsmore
Vice President Integrated Supply Chain
Mondel─ôz International

One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

See what productDNA can do for your business.