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The productDNA story

In 2016, a group of grocery retailers and suppliers formed the GS1 UK Retail Grocery Advisory Board, to discuss common industry challenges and opportunities. They identified product data management as a key concern – costing at least £200m a year in lost sales and unnecessary expenditure.

By the industry for the industry

In July 2017, 12 leading grocery retailers and brands signed an industry charter, announcing their commitment to move to a single solution for managing and exchanging product data.

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The single solution is productDNA.

How it works

Inaccurate and unreliable product data is a big problem in the retail sector. At last, the industry has pulled together to create a single, trusted source. productDNA is for every retailer and supplier, large and small.
- Gary Lynch

About GS1 UK


GS1 UK is just one of 115 neutral and independent GS1 organisations operating worldwide. From product barcodes to patient wristbands, GS1 standards have been transforming the way we work and live for more than 40 years.

Whether online, in store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 global standards is helping our community of more than 52,000 organisations across Britain to uniquely identify, describe and track anything, creating greater trust in data for everyone.

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One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

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