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An end-to-end solution to streamline your business

Giving you back control, to improve data quality, simplify the supply chain and increase speed to market. You will never need to duplicate time or resources again.

Entry pack

One common data definition for each type of product

An industry-agreed set of attributes, underpinned by GS1 standards

High-quality, independently verified data that retailers and shoppers can trust

Cloud-based, and designed to scale to the growing demand for product data

Simple UI and smart APIs make it easier to enter and access your data

Business pack

Everything included in the entry pack plus:

A one-stop-shop to store, manage and share all your master product information – you fully own your data

Extract and share your verified data with non-productDNA retailers and wholesalers

Simplified new product entry to save you time

Amend multiple products simultaneously using improved productive tools

Detailed reporting to give a more thorough understanding of data completeness

Big or small
fair pricing for all

Your subscription fee is based on the size of your company and your annual turnover. In addition to your subscription fee, a one-off charge will apply for each sample sent to the independent product verification centre. If your data is consistently accurate, you will be asked to send fewer samples for verification and will benefit from reduced costs.


Annual turnover

Company turnover per annum for brands (GBP)

Entry pack

Monthly subscription fee (GBP/billed annually)

Business pack

Monthly subscription fee (GBP/billed annually)

Physical product validation

One-off charge to independently validate your product data accuracy (GBP)

Less than £0.5m £12.50/month £48/month £49
£0.5m to £1m £25/month £69/month
£1m to £10m £125/month £175/month
£10m to £50m £230/month £292/month
£50m to £100m £375/month £500/month
More than £100m POA POA

See how productDNA can streamline your business operations!

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*Before you subscribe to productDNA, please ensure that you have authorisation on behalf of your company to do so. An invoice will be generated on the day of subscription with our 30-day standard payment terms, based on the pricing structure above. 

For any questions regarding pricing or invoicing, please contact