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productDNA for Retailers

productDNA is revolutionising how retailers buy, sell and manage products. For better, more transparent shopping experiences. And happier shoppers.

The confidence to make informed decisions

With productDNA, everything a shopper might want to know is held on a single, industry-owned platform.

Trusted data

Independent verification means you can trust the product data. There’s no need to spend time double checking.

Easy access

Simple, flexible, time-and-cost-efficient access to product info.

Early access

You get faster access to accurate data when introducing new product lines.


When a supplier changes product information, the system updates automatically. So all data is current and accurate.

Ready to go

productDNA integrates easily with existing systems using sophisticated, easy to use APIs.

Fairly priced

A pricing model that has been agreed by the community, to benefit the whole industry.

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When adopted universally across the industry, productDNA will give retailers increased confidence in the product data they receive, as well as helping to reduce the amount of inaccurate data increasing the efficiency of our product data processing.” - Richard Sadler
Customer Director
Unilever UK

One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

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