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productDNA for retailers

productDNA is revolutionising how retailers buy, sell and manage products. For better, more transparent shopping experiences and happier shoppers.

Helping you keep your  promise to shoppers

Shoppers expect more. They are demanding more information about the products they buy and want the same seamless service they get from other sectors.

Retail needs a great data foundation in order to evolve and adapt quickly to meet their needs.

Data you can trust

Independent verification means you have confidence in the product data shared. There is no need to spend time double checking data and chasing suppliers.

Shopper experience

productDNA requires richer product data from your suppliers. So, everything a shopper might want to know is held on a single, industry owned platform.

Automatic updates

When a supplier amends product information, the changes are updated in productDNA automatically. So, you know that the data you receive is current and accurate.

Easy access

Simple, flexible, time-and-cost efficient access to product information. 

Speed of launch

Get fast access to accurate data when introducing new product lines.

Ready to go

productDNA integrates seamlessly with existing systems using sophisticated, easy to use APIs.


Retailers already part of the retail revolution

Tesco are using industry developed data sharing platform, productDNA
Sainsbury's are using industry developed data sharing platform, productDNA
Waitrose & Partners are using industry developed data sharing platform, productDNA
Ocado are using industry developed data sharing platform, productDNA


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Retailers and suppliers spend too much time on chasing, checking and rekeying product data. productDNA delivers a single product data catalogue that we will all own and trust. It will mean we can focus on what’s really important to our businesses, delivering innovation and improving the customer experience.  
- Mark Watson
Director of planning and supply chain

One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

See what productDNA can do for your business.