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productDNA for Suppliers

Better data, more control, speed and simplicity through the supply chain. And a single, central catalogue means you never duplicate time or resources.

Helping you keep your promise to shoppers

Your product should look the same, wherever it is. productDNA makes sure this is the case. So shoppers can choose your brand with confidence.


You own your data, and control how your brand appears to shoppers, avoiding inconsistencies and errors.


One, centralised system makes it much quicker to manage product information, add new lines and make changes to existing products. 


Choose how to integrate product information and which retailers can access your data, based on commercial agreements.


Our secure, cloud-based platform keeps your data safe.


It can cut the go-to-market time for new product lines by weeks.


You’re free from the commercial constraints of third-party data platforms.

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Big or small
fair pricing for all

Your subscription fee is based on the size of your company and your annual turnover. In addition to the subscription fee, independent product verification charges apply. If your data is consistently accurate, you will be asked to send fewer samples for verification and will benefit from reduced costs.

Supplier turnover

Annual turnover (GBP/pa)

Entry pack

Share your product data with up to five retailers (GBP/billed annually)

Business pack

Access essential productivity tools to streamline your data management and share all product information with your retail customers (GBP/billed annually)

Physical product validation

A one off fee per product to physically check and independently validate your product data (GBP)

Less than £0.5m £12.50/month £48/month £49
£0.5m to £1m £25/month £69/month
£1m to £10m £125/month £175/month
£10m to £50m £230/month £292/month
£50m to £100m £375/month £500/month
More than £100m POA POA

Complexity costs the industry time, money and resources, that’s why productDNA is such an important milestone for manufacturers and retailers alike. Providing independently verified data once, using a single industry-owned service will make a huge difference to the way we operate and for everyone in the industry.”- Richard Sadler
Customer Director
Unilever UK

One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

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