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productDNA for brands

Better data, more control, speed and simplicity through the supply chain. And a single, central catalogue means you never duplicate time or resources.

Share product data with retailers quicker and easier

No more new-line forms

Your time is precious so why waste it filling in endless new line forms when you could be building relationships with your buyers?

Adopt the industry developed solution to streamline data entry and increase operational efficiency by up to 67 per cent.


You own your data, and control how your brand appears to shoppers, avoiding inconsistencies and errors.


One, centralised system makes it much quicker to manage product information, add new lines and make changes to existing products. 


Choose how to integrate product information and which retailers can access your data, based on commercial agreements.


Our secure, cloud-based platform keeps your data safe.


It can cut the go-to-market time for new product lines by weeks.


You’re free from the commercial constraints of third-party data platforms.

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Brands who are already
part of the retail revolution

productDNA has already been adopted by some of the largest global brands and innovative new disruptors in the grocery industry. With data accuracy becoming increasingly more important in our digital world, make sure you don't get left behind. 

Coca cola adopt productDNA
Unilever adopt productDNA
Mondelez adopt productDNA
P&G adopt productDNA
Nestlé adopt productDNA
itsu [grocery] adopt productDNA
General Mills adopt productDNA
Candy Kittens adopt productDNA
Complexity costs the industry time, money and resources, that’s why productDNA is such an important milestone for manufacturers and retailers alike. Providing independently verified data once, using a single industry-owned service will make a huge difference to the way we operate and for everyone in the industry.
- Richard Sadler
Customer Director
Unilever UK

One language for everything in retail, spoken by everyone in retail – to bring retail forward, faster.

See what productDNA can do for your business.